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Why Virtual Church?

In order to keep people safe our church has temporarily cancelled public worship and other group activities.   We may be scattered but we are still ‘the church’, so we are still open for business!

This page will keep you up to date with the resources that are available to us to maintain our life of worship together in a more virtual world!

Please see Coronovirus updates from Southport Circuit

Easter Sunday Service

A special Easter Sunday Circuit service was held this morning.    The service was led by Revds. Marie-Anne Kent and Patrick Evans with local preachers from around the circuit.   The service contain an online ‘love feast’, an opportunity to share food and drink together in celebration of the Risen Christ!

To join in with the love feast please have a little food and drink ready service, for example some bread and water.  

Weekly Prayer Meeting

Our weekly prayer meeting has gone virtual. It is at the same time that it used to be – 7pm every Wednesday evening.

If you have ZOOM on your phone, tablet or PC then you can join the prayer meeting by video link. If you just want to dial in using an ordinary phone then you can call the number shown above and enter the ID code then press hash ‘#’ twice as prompted.

CLICK HERE for more information how to join the prayer meeting.

Methodist Worship Live Stream

Many churches are undertaking the live-streaming of services. Details of some are below:

Wesley’s Chapel in London
Wednesday 12.45, Thursday 12.45 and Sunday 9.45 and 11.00.

Swan Bank Methodist Churc in Burslem
Sunday 10.30

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster
Sunday 11.00

Methodist Worship Personal Resources

The following worship sheet has been prepared by the Methodist Church. 

We suggest you light a candle and spend some time reading and reflecting on the lectionary passages, then why not arrange with a friend to have a telephone conversation about them. For those of you who are more adventurous why not set up a conference call.

There are also some thoughts for prayers of intercessions. 

Leyland Road Prayer Space

We have set up a facebook group called ‘Leyland Road Church Prayer Space’. This is a group to share testimony and prayer requests with each other. In order to protect your privacy this is a moderated group. Please let Marie Anne or the church office know if you want to be part of it.  If you don’t have Facebook we can help you set up an account please get in touch.

If you have a neighbour who doesn’t have access to the website, why not print off a copy of the service and pop it through their door?

Your Regular Offerings

Please don’t forget to set aside your offering as usual or think about setting up a Standing Order. Your generous giving is more important than ever. 

BBC Regular Workship

BBC TV Worship

The BBC are going to be broadcasting a Sunday morning service. Wesley’s Chapel in London will be streaming their worship on Wednesday 12:45, Thursday 12:45 and on Sunday 9:45 and 11:00. They will be available at:

Other Acts of Worship

  • Sunday – 1.15pm – BBC 1 – Songs of Praise

BBC Radio Worship

  • Sunday – 8am – BBC Radio Nottingham – Sunday worship
  • Sunday – 8.10am – BBC Radio 4 – Sunday worship

Other Broadcasters

You can also access the following at anytime:

  • Premier Christian Radio – online, on freeview channel 725 or on digital radio.
  • UCB Radio – online or on digital radio

Pastoral Care

Your pastoral visitor should be in touch with you, if you don’t have a pastoral visitor and would like someone to be in touch, please contact Rev Marie Anne Kent. You can get hold of her via the Church Office.

If you would like to ring or email me, please do.   If you know anyone connected to the church who has email can you, please encourage them to pass their email address on to the church office so we can keep in touch.