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CAP Fresh Start

The Leyland Road Fresh Start Course

The CAP Fresh Start Group al Leyland Road seeks to empower people break free from life controlling habits like drinking, smoking, gambling or internet addictions. The groups provide a place of trust and security, where people are offered emotional and practical support.

The 8 week course will commence on the evening of Thursday 10th January 2019 at Leyland Rd Church Southport starting at 5.30 pm with refreshments followed by a 1 hour session starting at 6.00pm for approximately one hour.

If you are interesting in joining the course or would like to help please contact Raj Patel via the church office.

What is Fresh Start?

Fresh Start is a safe and confidential place where members can openly discuss the issues they face. They are supported not only by trained volunteers, but also by other members currenly going through the same process. Fresh Start aims to enable members to break free from the habits that contrict them.

Fresh Start consiste of three core elements:


Every member has the opportunity to meet up regularly with a coach on a one-to-one basis and be supported at a deepr more personal level.


The group will meet socially once a week, providing a chance for members to socialise and get to know each other better.


The course consists of eight sessions, which guides the group through the neccessary steps of how to free themselves from a dependency, positive goal setting and living a life of freedom.

The course covers many helfpul topics, including:

  • Acknowledging the problem
  • Understanding what drives our patterns of behaviour
  • Tackling emotional roots of dependencies
  • Living a dependency-free life.